1. Is your critical business data
    in an ever growing
    number of excel sheets?

    Data should typed once
    and only once, be available
    and reliable

  2. Are your IT-systems
    quick and easy to use?

    Your IT-systems should be adapted
    to your processes, so that
    repeating task can be automated, and
    data from the complete value
    chain can be collected.

  3. Is your process and product
    data easy available?

    Where is the most profit generated?
    Where are the process bottlenecks?
    How does your data compare?

    What can modern technologies
    like machine learning tell
    from your data?

  4. Your data is valuable…
    who really owns them?

    You need to own your
    data and be able to bring them
    anywhere including new systems

Data and it's availability

We consume and transform spreadsheets into PLM and ERP.

Usability is domain driven

Initiating a creative collaboration between technical and domain experts.

Processes and the digital tread

Industry-specific needs and company-specific processes.

Insight and security

Collect all the valuable data in your company, while you to choose whom to share with.

Definition of StubTEC...

  • StubTEC is a enterprise information and communication systems development company, our approach is pragmatic, the solutions elegant. Read more

  • The Product...

    Software that facilitates your optimal processes, while capturing the data your business will need in the future. Read more